LOCKED The Movie


LOCKED The Movie.

Most people believe that mental disorders are rare and happen to someone else. Families are in constant denial that their loved ones could be mentally ill. It can be physically and emotionally draining, and can make one feel vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others.

Our cover personalities of the month Starred in a much anticipated movie scheduled to be showing in cinemas from the 9th of August called LOCKED.
The movie which is a drama/thriller explores the issues of abandonment, infidelity, with a strong emphasis on mental illness, one of the less discussed issues but an integral part of the human existence.

According to Charles Granville who doubles as the executive producer of the movie; on why he chooses to produce a film in line with ‘Mental Illness’ he said “It is part of his efforts to build awareness around the plight in the society”; he emphasized that Africans must be educated about the realities of mental health issues and that depression is real. People need to be more aware and identify with the individuals going through these issues, rather than attacking/shaming them due to lack of understanding of their predicament.

Meet The Male Cast.

Charles Granville (Amb.)

Charles Granville (Amb.) is the Executive Producer of the Movie LOCKED which he also Produced and played the part of Tokunbo; A young man who went to visit his fiancée’s parents and was held hostage by his fiancee’s psychotic mother. He is a multiple award winning artiste who has set a mark in showbiz mostly in the music and Movie (Nollywood) industries.
Charles Granville has nurtured a lot of celebrities known today; discovering and training talents and also creating platforms for young people to express their talents. He is a United Nations Ambassador for Peace and is actively involved in charity and is an ambassador for many causes one of which is his partnership with Global Rights to stand against Sexual violence in Africa and the world.

Charles Granville (Amb.)

Abayomi Alvin

Abayomi Alvin hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria. An Actor who started the craft professionally in 2014, has acted in a couple of feature films/ TV series. He is a Screenwriter who has many movie credits to his name. Alongside all these, he is a model who has been on various campaigns for different brands and an ardent event host who has hosted various shows in Nigeria.

Abayomi Alvin

Sunny Neji

Sunny Neji, a legend we must say, is an Artist and CEO of Impakt Records. After narrowly escaping the January 27, 2002 Ikeja bomb blast disaster, Sunny Neji raised his golden voice in a piercing call for support for victims with the single, “Victim of Circumstance” and the massive benefit concert at the Lagos Television grounds to mark the first anniversary of the event. The project opened a new chapter in the artiste’s career. It marked his involvement with O’Jez Music, the company that came all out to support the Victim of Circumstance Project. The socially sensitive artiste also recorded the single, Wake Up! in 2003 to challenge Nigerians to vote right in the general elections.
He has starred as a lead actor in various movies. One thing is certain though; Sunny Neji is totally committed to his art and intends to keep upping the ante in every regards until he completely runs out of gas.


Sunny Neji

Directing was done by Simon Peacemaker and while the movie itself was produced by Charles Granville. It is being distributed worldwide by Blue Pictures Nigeria.


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Art Director/ Styling @infoworldcharming
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Makeup: @ceeyonceemua @lekeshades
Hair Stylist: @highdtosin

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