How to Dress Like an Instagram Influencer 


How to Dress Like an Instagram Influencer

(Words by Minkoff Peter)

The reason why we relate to an Instagram fashion influencer is simple, unlike supermodels who have their pick of designer garments and hence the opportunity to always look impeccable without trying, influencers are actually real people who just happen to be incredibly fashion-savvy, whether they’re rocking designer or fast fashion labels. That is the entire reason we look up to them and look at them when we find ourselves in need of inspiration. So, today we’re going to break it down and once and for all give you the skinny on how to put together an Instagram-worthy outfit and then countless more to come.

Decide to invest

If fashion is something out of which you want to make a personal signature, you have to be prepared to make certain investments. This is what, for instance, Luka Saabat does. He invests in designer clothing and you can definitely see it – the logoed sweatshirts, the coolest new kicks – the whole shebang. When it comes to personal style, no one in the male Instagram fashion scene does athleisure as he does, and even when he’s all suited up, he does it with a dose of that athleisure nonchalance, mixing bold colours and sharp suits with black unbuttoned shirts and an unprecedented swagger. There are two lessons we can learn from him – firstly, everything regarding the athleisure trend, including the attitude, and secondly, the fact that a man looks the sexiest in a suit, so make sure you keep up with the current trends and take your pick among amazing men’s suits in Sydney, New York, London or any major fashion capital.

Don’t disregard timelessness


Even the biggest Instagram fashion icons are aware of the importance of owning great basics that fit amazingly well. This is why you simply need to invest in such items like quality chinos, chambray shirts, a leather jacket, a trench coat, a great pair of jeans, good sneakers and footwear in general, and a lot (and we mean A LOT) of great quality basic tees. It’s important to emphasize that each of these items need to uphold a certain quality standard, as these are timeless pieces that need to look good for a long time, in the streets, at the office and in your Instagram posts.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting

The reason these Instagram gods have risen to such heights is their ability and willingness to be innovative and dress outside the box. If you’re regular jeans and a tee guy, step out of your comfort zone and give a few current trends a try. Instead of sleek tennis shoes opt for trendy sandals and pair your hoodie with a cool and classic denim jacket. Purchase a few trendy garments such as a checked blazer and rock it with your chinos and a nice oxford tee. Dressing up a bit and straying away from your usual uniform will make you develop a taste for the finer things and soon you’ll be browsing for more and more trendy items to incorporate into your outfit. It’s 2018, the year of style mixing, so don’t be afraid of mixing business with a little casual pleasure.

Leave space for flaws

If you try to make it look perfect, it will look like you’re trying too hard. So, when getting dressed, make sure you leave one detail out or make something a tad imperfect. Leave your shirt slightly unbuttoned or even untucked, don’t wear the perfect belt and leave your hair just a little messy, so you still look like a flawed human, which is a part of the ‘act’ since nothing is more instagrammable or sexier than a touch of nonchalance.

Find your “thing”

Every fashion influencer has a “thing”. Some are athleisure gods, others foster that sharp perfect suited look, and then there are those who experiment and those who pay attention to details. So, make sure to find scarfs, sunglasses, great watches or even men’s bags – whatever you feel drawn to, stock up on it, become a collector and wear those pieces all the time. In time, you will be known and recognized for them.



Peter is a men’s lifestyle writer at Men-Ual magazine from the UK. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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