December!!! Time of the year when everyone in hibernation comes out to celebrate. Few of the most fascinating things about this season are people I get to meet, the food I get to eat and of course gifts I receive.

For many of us, our checklist consists of what to wear, cook, the places to go and how much fun we’ll have.
That gets me wondering, over the years, people have been more interested in getting new stuff and meeting new people, but give little or no attention to what they already have.

When was the last time you sent an appreciation message to the person that has been there for you all this while? Often times we take people in our lives for granted, believing that they will always be there when we want them. Most of us go as far as feeling entitled to the things they do for us forgetting they really don’t have to.


I’m a victim of assumption; I’m a victim of believing that all my friends are alright because he or she posted an image on Instagram. Forgetting Instagram is filled with controlled content, and a person will only post what they want you to see.
Please while making that checklist for this season, kindly add this to it. “Call/text—————————————- (fill in space with as many people you need to reach out to)
A “Thank you”/ “How are doing?” message will mean a lot to those you call friends. To everyone reading this article, Thank You!!!
Once again, compliments of the season, don’t forget to have fun and eat that food. The gym will always be there to help you shed the weight.
FINALLY, Love as much as you can.
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