We call it a food and fashion love affair. Yes, it’s a “FOODGASM”

Fashion’s fixation with food runs far deeper than alliterative appeal. They feed off each other: Let’s think of it this way or maybe a little math’s will help.

Good Food + exercise = Good health/ Good body (GF +E =GH/GB)

Good health/ Good body = Perfect clothes fitting (GH/GB = PCF)

Our September cover personality hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Alex Oke the owner of XO Boutique Bakery is passionate about bread, pastry, and confections. He is trained in classical/contemporary French cuisine at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) in Vancouver, Canada, and also worked for a period at Lear Faye in East Vancouver before returning to Nigeria.

The bi-national chef, born and bred in Ibadan into a family of professionals (Medical Doctors) as the last son, seems to be the only one who hasn’t toll the Path.


“My family joke about me being the odd one, but they have always been supportive of my career choice so I never feel like the odd one.”

Cooking for him has always been about passion. “Find a hobby and make it your profession”

On chef mythology, people expect them to be on the plus size as they are always around food, but Chef Alex has proved that theory wrong. “These generations of chef are very conscious about what they eat. It is possible to be around food all the time and maintain a healthy weight.  He stays fit working out 7 times a week.

Our cover personality is very passionate about volunteering. “Most men are built to take, take and take. I believe every man should give a month volunteering as this teaches us to be more selfless.”

In a world where: care, love and showing display of affection is termed unmanly, it is quite difficult to express these traits as you will be asked to MAN UP.

“Live life by your own rules, because people will always try to put you in a box”

He encourages everyone to do what makes them happy as the world will criticize you either way.

Below is more extract from the interview:


Q- What is your weirdest food combination?

A- When I’m feeling really ratchet, I eat sourdough (bread) with Ewa agoyin.


Q- Name five things on your bucket list.

-Hike up Kilimanjaro.

-Visit every country in South America.

-Take the trans-Siberian train from European side of Russia to the Asian side of Russia.

– Go on a boat Cruise

– Visit every state in Nigeria.


Q- Who are on your guest list for an ideal dinner (5 people?)

–    Paris Hilton

–    Burna Boy

–    Trevor Noah

–    Vladimir Putin

–    Will Smith

Q- What is the most expensive fashion item in your closet?

–    My winter coat. I don’t really spend money on fashion items.


Q- What item in your closet do you wear most?

–    I mostly wear my chef jacket.


Q- Underwear or no underwear?

–    It depends on the occasion.

Q- Boxers, brief, tongs or trunks?

–    Boxers Briefs.


Q- What things in life are still mysteries to you?

-How some people sleep at night, especially religious leaders, who take advantage of people’s insecurities.


Q- If you were God for a day, what will you do?

A- I will end hunger.


Q- Which celebrity do you think is down to earth?

–    Peju Alatise, she is the most talented person I have ever met and yet really humble.

Q- If magic were real, what spell will like to learn first?

A- That of a chameleon, to mask me.


Q- What tricks and tips have you mastered over time?

–    Always be ready.


Q- Five things nobody knows about you.

–    Voluntarism is a big part of my life; I spent 5months of my life in a refugee camp in Israel.

–    I was born at UCH in Ibadan.

–    I have studied in every Anglo country.

–     I don’t eat before noon.

–    I like having people around.


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