Motonone: The Menswear Trend Of The Hour


Already spotted at this year’s South Africa Men’s Fashion Week, the monotone or head-to-toe tones trend is already staking it claim and may even dominate till the next fashion season.

Usually wearing a single colour is the normal boring fashion trick that most men are used to. But nail monotones and you’ll have reached a level of sartorial sophistication you simply wouldn’t achieve otherwise.


Don’t panic at the idea of wearing tones even if they might traditionally be branded feminine because of the colour blocking that come with it. Head-to-toe outfits in one colour are a tricky thing to pull off, unless it’s black which we aren’t talking about. To better your chances of carrying an color block look, you’ll need to masterfully mix and match different tones.

It’s may sound difficult, but actually not. Just remember to reserve darker tones for your trousers and outerwear which will garner plenty of attention anyway, and lighter hues for tops and mid-layers.

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