Sneakers Pairing Rules


Sneakers Pairing Rules.

It seems unbelievable that trainers were once only appropriate for gym-goers. Right now, though, the sneaker market is booming and you can wear your kicks for almost any occasion.

There are rules for wearing trainers which we take very, very seriously. Minimalist designs go with most things in your wardrobe, but what about the trend for chunky, ugly sneakers? Or retro runners? Or skater-style slip-ons?

Bold Trainers

The Rule: Pair With Simple, Statement-Free Clothing

With all that attention seeking going on, you’ll need to tell the rest of your look to chill out a bit. The trick to styling statement trainers is to play down the rest of your outfit

How To Wear Men's Bold Statement Trainers

Retro Trainers

The Rule: Wear With Modern Pieces

Cropped trousers, however, are perfect for giving your shoes a new look. Team with an overcoat and a simple T-shirt [or sweatshirt] and you’ve got a contemporary spin.”

Another style switch up you can make is to pair them with luxurious wool trousers for an eye-catching high-low combination.

How To Style Retro Trainers


The Rule: Wear With Classic, Well-Cut Clothing

How To Style Slip-On Trainers


Terrace Trainers

The Rule: Wear With Smart-Casual Pieces

How To Style Terrace Trainers

Minimal Trainers

The Rule: Wear With Simple, Pared-Back Pieces

How To Wear Minimal Trainers

Lifestyle Runners

The Rule: Wear With Luxe Sportswear & Tailored Pieces

How To Style Lifestyle Joggers


The Rule: Wear With Casual Pieces

How To Wear High-Tops


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