Can you remember the first song you could fully memorize and sing without missing the lyrics?

For some, music has become a break out to reality, while for others it is a way of expressing their inner self and defusing tension. Either ways, music is a criterion in human existence which is fueled by great inspiration. Inspiration is one of the most vital tools in any creative’s bag, it pushes us to try things and help us stay excited about our art. Music creators have various reasons for their involvement in music but for Ric, his first involvement with music was because of “Meat pie

‘When I was 6 years old, my sisters were in the choir. After church service, they stayed back for rehearsals. I wasn’t a part of the group but I often stayed back with my sisters.
As a member of the choir they were entitled to meat pie, but since I wasn’t a part of them, I couldn’t get any and I was usually very hungry. I knew that the only way to get one was to join the choir, so I did and I fell in love with Music.”

The Man Magazine Nigeria Team had a quick chat with Ric Hassani;

He describes his music as an expression of his current state of mind, stating that it may yet change with time…. probably when he feels differently, but right now his music is soulful because that’s how he feels. It would interest you to know that he is obsessed with the song titled ‘STEPPING GOOD’

His creative process involves watching a movie, or watching marriage proposals on YouTube to get inspired…… isn’t that interesting? Also, whenever he is in the studio the sounds of the piano and guitar move him to sing.

In a world where other celebrities avoid criticism, Ric actually loves criticism.

‘My mum is a critic and that is her parenting tool’

This has made him feel much more comfortable with criticism.

When asked the biggest misconception about him, he said, “I really don’t think there are any for now, but initially I was tagged a snub.” He looks forward to collaborating with DRAKE, and of course, he would happily open a show for him.

Mr. Ric Hassani has a favorite venue to perform and that place is in Grantown, Honduras. However, he declined to tell us his least favorite place to perform.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout people, he has a show tagged RIC HASSANI LIVE coming soon. Details will be made public real soon.

Ric loves the song titled “Number 1”, thereby making it his favorite song to perform.

“I love how it makes me feel, when I perform the song”

Mr. Hassani believes that the internet has influenced the music industry positively as artistes now have direct access to their royalties, and this means they can earn a lot more money from streaming. More-so, they are now more in control of the roll out of their music, and collaboration is much easier now.

 “If I could change anything about the industry, I will bring P-SQUARE back together.” Just in case you were wondering,

Ric loves to sing in the shower all the time. He usually sings a lot of songs by BOYS TO MEN and Ben Plat.

If you ever need a helping hand in fetching water, Ric Hassani is your guy. He loves to fetch water, and he does it passionately. This, he sees as his most useless talent…. lol.

Ric doesn’t just love to sing; he also loves to teach. He was an assistant lecturer for 7 months before venturing into music.

“If I weren’t into Music, I would have been a lecturer”

We can only imagine Mr. Ric Hassani as a lecturer with lots of papers to mark and grade.

Before we left, we asked him, “What’s the best advice you have been given?” He replied us saying;

“The best advice I have ever received is from my friend Oprah Winfrey, via a YouTube video she made that I watched (lol) ‘RELAX, TRUST YOUR CREATOR, TRUST THE UNIVERSE.” We also wanted to know what plans he had next and in his ever-playful mood he told us

“I and my friends are going to watch a movie. (lol) Actually, I can’t say it now, but definitely a third album.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH…. these were his words to his teeming fans. Stating, “Even when I doubt myself you don’t doubt me.”




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