Man of the Moment Kenneth Okolie


Man of the Moment Kenneth Okolie

Kenneth okolie

Words by @lekeshades

With the world getting more crowded with personalities possessing star power, the ones who genuinely have an effect are the intense, solid and drop dead attractive ones like our cover Personality.

Kenneth Okoli won the Mr. Nigeria title in the year 2010 and proceeded to the Mister World pageant, where he emerged as the second runner up. 11 years after, he hasn’t lost his good looks, charm nor excitement to live.

When asked on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited about life he was, he gave us a whooping 20. This is because he is thankful for his life as well as that of his family. When asked to describe himself with a hashtag, he chose “#unique”

Mr Okoli is a creatively spontaneous person who doesn’t do routine. He believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but he is very open to constructive criticism. Misconceptions are often formed of individuals who are in the spotlight, and no wonder he takes no heed to those who believe he is stuck up.

We see you as a lover boy as portrayed in some of your movies. Who would you love to do a love scene with?
“I have done a lot of love scenes with several amazing female actors. Now I don’t think it’s just about the “whom” you’re doing the scene with, it’s about “how real we can make it look.” he says.

Kenneth doesn’t think there would be much he would change about his industry (movie industry). He however believes that if there were more resources available, all players would do much better.

“I also think producers; directors and actors should be more open to being adventurous and stop shying away from telling sensitive stories, while actors should stop shying away from playing such characters.”

Apart from acting, Mr Okolie expressed his interest in other businesses such as furniture, real estate, farming and security.
He currently has an obsession for the TV show “Snow Fall on HULU.” His God, Family and Food are 3 things he really cannot do without.

If my life were to be a song, it would have been ‘Living it Up” by Jarule.
Little or no wonder he had this message for his teenage self……’Imagine where you would be in the next 5 years, and draft a plan to achieve the vision. Also, enjoy teenage life and it’s adventures. Make sure to keep your eyes on the ball at all times.”

Mr Okolie has no interest in trading his life with anyone. He believes majority of what we see are superficial and we have no idea what others are going through. According to him, “Everyone has their demons. They just cover it up with masks.”

In his closing remarks, Kenneth said, “You know you’re in love when your day can’t be complete until you communicate with the other.”

Meanwhile here is a secret…. The next time you see Mr Okolie, give him a big hug because he a hugger, but not before asking him though… lol.

We will leave you with an affirmation from him.
“Never give up. No matter how many NOs or rejections you get. Keep on pushing till you get through the door.

Cover Personality: @kennethokolie

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