Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh

Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh
Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh

Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh

“Make I just go be stripper”.
A joke we repeatedly make whenever we are bored or overwhelmed at work; it is a means of livelihood for many.
Exotic dancing holds intense fascination for many. In our cultural imagination, strippers/Exotic dancers represent eroticism, secrecy and transgression of Taboos.
There is perhaps no other industry (aside from prostitution) that is both so widely demonized and also highly glamorized/romanticized by contemporary culture and media
But aside from the numerous outside projections, have we ever wondered what it’s like being a stripper?
Our team had a chat with our cover personality of the month TUOYO IDEH who happens to be a reality Tv star and a Professional EXOTIC DANCER. So to Start us off, lets strip things down and begin with something we at Man Magazine seems to care more about.

Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh

Below are our 23 Quickie questions with Tuoyo

  1. What is your Full name?
    ANS: My name is Tuoyo Ideh
  2. Position in your Family?
    Ans: I’m the first child.
  3. What’s your Profession?
    ANS: I am a Fitness coach, psychotherapist, exotic dancer, and a content creator.
  4. What are the things on your bucket list?
    ANS: I wish to go skydiving
    Mountain climbing
    Get married before I’m 31
  5. What should every man try at least once in his life?
    ANS: Every man should try leaving their comfort zone.
  6. What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self?
    ANS: Be contented with whatever you have, believe in yourself, and keep on grinding till you no longer have to introduce yourself.
  7. What has been your greatest challenge/challenges in life?
    ANS: My greatest challenge in life has been Trying not to live a sinful life
  8. If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?
    ANS: My mum
  9. What things in life are still a mystery to you?
    ANS: How powerful the mind can be
  10. If you were God for a day, what changes would you make to the world?
    ANS: If I were to be God For a day, I will make every one immortal.
Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh
Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh
Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh
Dirty Instinct, Tuoyo Ideh


  1. What is the difference between a fashionable Man and a stylish man?
    ANS: A stylish man is someone who has his own sense of fashion, and does not really follow trends. While fashionable man is one who follows trend and does not have his personal sense of fashion.
  2. What is your best fashion item?
    ANS: Shoes
  3. What is the most expensive fashion item in your closet and the cheapest?
    ANS: My most expensive are my shoes, while the cheapest would be my belt.
  4. What item in your closet do you wear the most?
    ANS: Briefs
  5. Underwear or no Underwear?
    ANS: Underwear
  6. Boxers, Briefs, Trunks or thongs?
    ANS: Briefs
  7. Oxford or brogue shoes?
    ANS: Both
  8. What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?
    ANS: Denim, vintage dresses and Blazers
  9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
    ANS: Someone’s heart.
  10. If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?
    ANS: How to read people’s mind.


  1. Do you think relationships are overrated?
    ANS: I don’t think they are
  2. Who is your female crush?
    ANS: Them Plenty ooh: GENEVIEVE, OMOTOLA, and TOKE,


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