Charles Granville (Amb.)


Charles Granville (Amb.)

Charles Granville (Amb.) is the Executive Producer of the Movie LOCKED which he also Produced and played the Character, Tokunbo. A young man who went to visit his fiancee’s parents and was held hostage by his fiancee’s psychotic mother. He is a multiple award winning artiste who has set a mark in showbiz mostly in the music and Movie (Nollywood) industries. He is an Electrical Engineer by training and yet, he follows his passion for entertainment. He plays the character Mr. Agbaweh on Tinsel and has made appearances in movies like Last Flight to Abuja, Dowry Man, Impossible Relationships and many other movies. He was the Casting Director for the Africa Magic Series “Calabash” and also made the popular soundtrack for the series. He is the CEO of Kingsville Media Group which provides video production equipment used on sets like Jenifa’s diary, etc. He has also produced a couple of movies like On The Brink and as LOCKED shows in Cinemas nationwide from 9th August 2019, he has also announced that he will be releasing a second movie titled 30 Pieces of Silver in cinemas from 6th December, 2019.

Charles Granville

Charles Granville has nurtured a lot of celebrities known today; discovering and training talents and also creating platforms for young people to express their talents.
He is a United Nations Ambassador for Peace and is actively involved in charity and is an ambassador for many causes one of which is prominent is he partnership with Global Rights to stand against Sexual violence in Africa and the world.
Charles Granville is a role model for many Youths in business, entertainment and in charity works. He always gives credit to God for his achievements.

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